DJs Do Have an Equipment Choice

Most beginners in DJ-ing embrace the CD above other media because it’s the original digital format that give the DJ best portability, something denied to the pioneers with only vinyl to play. The advantages to CDs are many and varied. They have no needles to skip or jump, they have invaluable toughness meaning you can scratch them, scuff them and your playback won’t be affected. They’re also smaller and lighter than vinyl and top of the list of advantages probably is that you’ll probably always find CD equipment available wherever you go which as a beginner starting out you’ll know you can root through the collections to gain more and more by begging and borrowing! Finally for the DJ it’s the digital medium where loops and cue points can be set-up and if you look around these have been taken to every level with advanced DJ techniques.

But it’s not as simple as just choosing CD format for your DJ beginners equipment – the choices available to today’s DJ are virtually endless. Vinyl decks are still available and that’s because they’re lighter these days, they offer loads of scope and can be used alongside CD decks. More and more DJs are using computer-based DJ controllers or digital decks that can stream from USB storage devices. Plenty of stuff to research, see, hear, feel whilst sorting out which will suit your needs the best.

Let’s narrow down a piece of equipment to just one into each category. First off, the turntable. They fall into belt driven or direct drive, the latter being the more expensive because they’re better, simple as. However, Numark still produces a range of decks, along with complete beginners’ packs, such as the Numark Battle Pack so just start looking for your turntable with that. Next the CD Turntable, again Numark has great equipment for the beginner and the V7 is a good start that actually allows two DJs to play at once – all good. Finally, in terms of digital media, MP3 format offers the greatest portability and versatility, and if you already own a reasonable computer, can be the least expensive way forward for the DJ equipment for beginners buyer.


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